My counseling approach is an in-depth, very engaged, therapeutic relationship that addresses the body/mind connection. 

I work both verbally and somatically, and specialize in helping people who realize that they are stuck or suffering and who need and want to make real change in themselves and their lives.

It is known in medical and psychological research, that our mental and emotional stresses are reflected in our thinking and our bodies.  Our problems can be deep and persistent, lodged in the body/mind.
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I work with adults--young, middle, and older--who have a variety of needs.  Most of my clients are interested in the mind/body approach, with some sense of the effectiveness of this process.  They want to be deeply understood and engaged in their therapy, even though that may be challenging.  Here are some scenarios I often see in my practice; some of these may be true for you:

Personal Problems:
◆  Persistent or acute symptoms of Depression and Anxiety
◆  Loss and Grief
◆  Pregnancy and new family concerns
◆  Traumatic historical issues
◆  Chronic dissatisfaction with life
◆  Lack of resilience
◆  Fear

Relationship Problems:
◆  Inability to establish a close relationship
◆  Going through a divorce
◆  Problems with parents, children, or both
◆  Ongoing stress with a partner or spouse
◆  Family problems: blended or nuclear families
◆  Difficulty feeling close
◆  Social isolation

Life Transitions:
◆  Difficulty launching
◆  Changes in work, relationships, or health
◆  Time for a “reset” in your life
◆  Feeling burned out
◆  Life felt rewarding but now it feels at an impasse

Medical Challenges:
◆  Vulnerability, fear, loss of control, or anger
◆  Recurrent somatic/health problems that have emotional ties

Are you a nurse?

Nurses can experience a particular set of problems that come from their inherent nature to be caretakers, and these problems can then be exacerbated in the profession.  Poor self-care, burnout, and hyper-vigilance are a few of these characteristics. 

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History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again
— Maya Anjelou