My expertise is Orgonomy, more commonly known as Reichian therapy, which is the full field of therapeutic work developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  This method provides a very engaged working relationship and encompasses both verbal counseling and somatic interventions.  Your symptoms may include anxiety, depression, chronic headaches, or broken relationships, to name just a few.  These develop from your life’s experience and characteristic attitude, which may or may not be evident to you. Whether we work solely in verbal counseling, or add the somatic work, we are addressing and understanding the roots of what disturbs you.


I will work with you actively and consistently to develop a good understanding of who you are and how you function, as well as to support and challenge you to make the changes necessary for a more vital life.

For example, as a couple, you and your partner might be having difficulties in your relationship and may feel painfully misunderstood which results in escalating arguments or drawing further apart.  When each of you can discover and work with your own character and chronic defenses, and understand the same about your partner, then trust can be established.

If you feel burned out or unsatisfied, you can come to grips with what drives you to over-ride your real self and needs.  Facing this will provide great relief when explored and unlocked.

Sometimes life has gone well enough, but now you feel stuck, disillusioned, or numb; “things are not going right”.  Often we have been able to compensate for a long time, but like a building with cracks in its foundation, the structure gives way. Counseling can reveal the underpinnings that were not adequately nurtured and developed, and then guide your re-development so that new and healthy movement can begin.

The effectiveness of somatic work lies in its relevance to your problems.  The material we work with verbally will also show up as restrictions in your breathing and expression, chronic muscle tension, and a stressed nervous system. Therapeutic interventions with the mind as well as the body are powerful and create lasting change.  In the process, symptoms such as depression, anxiety and numbness lessen and even resolve.

Every muscular rigidity contains the history and the meaning of its origin.
— Wilhelm Reich

In my decades as a nurse, and in my private practice, I have seen so many people suffering with somatic or medical challenges.  Chronic issues such as digestive problems and insomnia; recurrent problems such as debilitating back spasms or pain; or acute conditions including surgery, chemotherapy, and serious illness are some examples.  Our attitudes in life and our emotional responses are deeply linked with our physical well-being, resilience, or dis-ease. Mind and body reinforce stress patterns, often unconsciously.  Working therapeutically reduces stress, which underlies much of our somatic pain and suffering.  Orgonomy is uniquely qualified to help in these areas.